The people of Homestead

What has always hit home with me about the town of Homestead is how genuine the people are here. Everyone seems to know everyone here, and that’s the way they like it to be. Coming from Colorado, where everyone seems to be a transplant from another city or state, the community of Homestead has a way of making one feel at home from the very start.

Having roots in Homestead makes me very proud. It is both humbling and intriguing for me to discover just how many people in this town have some connection with my own family. Whether it be the woman behind the counter of the local bakery, or someone I meet on the sidewalk while walking the dog, people here somehow recognize me as a Sobocinski and ask with genuine interest how my family is doing.

Which is why, in researching for my project, I have discovered a greater appreciation and understanding for the concept of “community.” Uncovering just how intertwined my own family’s history is with that of this town is something that has made this project all the more personal for me. By meeting people here in Homestead, and hearing their stories, I have also been finding out more about my own family, past, and history.


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