For this project, I’m going to be drawing from many sources of imagery to reflect upon the MEMORY of steel mill labor in Homestead. I will be using archival black and white footage of steel production, US Steel commercials, and the town of Homestead. I will also be using current day footage of the town and landscape. I also am in contact with a home movie archivist in Pittsburgh who has at least preliminarily agreed to allow me to use some of his collection of family and amateur films from the area for my project. Lastly, I have the actual interviews I shot of former mill workers, although I plan to use mainly the audio and not the actual video.

Between these varied sources of imagery I hope to draw out a common thread, a vein of poetic resonance and reflection on memory. I want a hazy, almost sepia color palate to infuse my imagery, and I want to utilize black leader as a form of “rests” in the film, allowing the viewer to focus more on audio.

Here are some frames I have taken from my own footage as well as some of the archive films I plan on using.

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